Brow Shaping & Lash Application Services

Let Us Frame Your Face and Make You Simply Beautiful

The brows are to the face like a great frame is to a painting, it enhances the natural beauty and brings definition. Every face is unique and your brows must work with your face shape, hair, and contouring.

Here’s a tip—it’s not as easy as all the fashion magazines tell you.

The consultation starts with an assessment of your brows as well as listening to your concerns and questions, allowing Feya Cosmetics to create the ideal brow design—whether you’re 10 or 80.

Turning Your Brows Into Wows

An inevitable fact is that eyebrows change over time as we age. The hairs can change colors and become coarse. This is why you need expert assistance through this journey.

Whether your brows are too sparse, thick, uneven, pale, unruly, or patchy, the problem can be fixed. And Feya Cosmetics can recommend products and show you how to maintain your new brow shape at home in between visits.

Custom Brow Looks for Special Events

For special occasions, where a bit of drama may be called for—Feya Cosmetics can make your brows stand out. Free product color assistance is included in your brow consultation. No matter what look you’re going for, you’re guaranteed to be pleased.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the brows change with time. Over-tweezing doesn’t necessarily mean eyebrows are ruined forever.”Faye

Remember, maintenance is just as important as your initial brow shaping—be sure to return to Feya Cosmetics in Winnetka for regular touch-ups. Schedule an appointment today—it usually takes about 30 minutes for proper brow shaping and consultation.

Eyelash Application

Eyelashes Express Your Personality—Happy, Sensitive, Flirty, Sexy

While the focus is usually on the eyes, eyelashes are equally important. A few extra flare lashes at the end of the eye can be very sexy and a full strip can provide the definition you crave.

Feya Cosmetics can help you choose from up to 30 different types of strip lashes or individual flare lashes. Lashes can be customized for a more voluminous look or to elongate your eye shape, providing added drama—it’s all based on what you’re looking for and what will look best.

Looking for semi-permanent eyelash extensions and applications? Although we do not apply those at Feya Cosmetics, Faye can recommend a provider.

Leave the lashes to us! Faye can consult with you and apply your lashes in as little as 5-15 minutes. It’s a quick and simple process when you leave it to Feya Cosmetics.

Simply Beautiful Brows and Lashes from Feya

Brows and lashes are tricky, but they can make a big difference in your overall appearance. Schedule a free consultation at Feya Cosmetics and learn more about how to be simply beautiful.

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