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Been There, Done That…Makeup That Doesn’t Work for Me

Women today are bombarded with so many choices for makeup, but what looks good in the package often doesn’t look good on us. We all have pots, tubes, and compacts full of makeup we never use.

How do we make smarter and better decisions? How do we choose makeup that makes us look attractive but doesn’t require a ton of work or many intricate steps?

Come Here, Do This—and You’ll be Simply Beautiful

At Feya, we start with you. What are you looking for? What are your concerns? Do you have a special occasion coming up?

Next, we assess your eye and hair color, facial features, and choose products that enhance your natural beauty. The Feya line of cosmetics are made with natural ingredients and are paraben-free, fragrance-free, and pigment-enriched for resilient coverage.

There’s a big difference between Feya Cosmetics and the cosmetic boutique brands that typically fade, run, or just evaporate. Many customers find the Feya line is more cost-effective than products available at department stores because they last longer and you use less.

Come in for a consultation and receive personal makeup advice with free color assistance. We offer one-on-one personalization to find the products that are right for you. Once you know what works, you can pick up your products at the Winnetka studio or have them shipped to you.

“The three most common mistakes when it comes to makeup application are using products incorrectly, using the wrong products, and using products in the wrong order.”Faye

Special Event Makeup Applications

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or you want to look great for a special evening, business occasion, or family photo, let Feya Cosmetics get you ready with a full-service makeup application. In just one hour, you’ll have a flawless foundation complete with contouring, beautiful smoky or natural eye, and precise blush and lip applications—creating a custom look that enhances the real you.

Expressly Beautiful

When you are short on time, enjoy an entertaining and informative hour with our new express makeup application. You’ll learn about the latest tips and trends and be out the door in less than 30 minutes.

Makeup Application Lessons Provide the Guide to Make You Simply Beautiful Everyday

“Some women have been wearing a certain look forever. Once they see how makeup can help them look fresher and much younger, they’re ready to embrace change.”Faye

Even with the many makeup blogs and YouTube, the best way to learn about how to apply makeup is to have a professional show you. At Feya Cosmetics, learn step-by-easy-step the techniques and tricks that will have all your friends asking what you have done differently.

Whether you’re a teen just starting to experiment with makeup, a millennial who wants to stay on top of the latest looks, or an experienced woman who would like a refresher or seasonal makeup lesson, Feya Cosmetics has the products and know-how to help you be simply beautiful.

Please allow 15-30 minutes for an express makeup application, 45-60 minutes for a full makeup application, and 90 minutes for makeup lessons.

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