Feya Cosmetics Owner’s ‘Brush With Fame’

Feya Cosmetics is proud of its accomplishments and recognition for making a difference in the beauty industry. The company was recently featured in a Chicago Tribune article titled “Makeup Artist Has Artificial Brush With Fame” when owner, Faye Wypiszynski, did the makeup of world-renowned rock star, Paul McCartney. Wypiszynski used all animal-free products on McCartney, a known animal-rights activist.

How to Look Good On No Sleep

Collegiate editorial HerCampus featured owner, Faye Wypiszynski, in an article titled “How to Look Good On No Sleep.” They looked to the Chicagoland beauty guru for tips and tricks on how to look awake and vibrant even on one’s most sleep-deprived days. Wypiszynski offered tips such as moisturizing, avoiding harsh products like exfoliators, and using mascara and lip gloss for …