Makeup Artist in Glencoe

Feya Cosmetics Makeup Counter in Glencoe

Faye Wypiszynski developed her own line of makeup, Feya Cosmetics, and once did Paul McCartney’s makup. CHRISTA ROOKS/22ND CENTRUY MEDIA

Makeup Artist Beautifies Glencoe

It all started with a love of art.
Local publication The Glencoe Anchor recently featured Faye Wypiszynski, owner of Feya Cosmetics, in an article discussing how the company got its start. Wypiszynski grew up in a small town in Wisconsin loving everything artistic. Her passion quickly grew, and she developed an appreciation for makeup—so she took the first step in her career and went to school to become a makeup artist. After that, her talents quickly grew and she became a well-known makeup artist serving Chicago-area and other celebrities including Paul McCartney.