Master These Eyebrow Shaping Tips for the Perfect Look

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, proper eyebrow care goes hand-in-hand with creating the perfect makeup style. Eyebrow shaping is tricky, but thanks to the experts at Feya Cosmetics, it just got a lot simpler. By mastering our eyebrow shaping tips and tricks, you’ll have everything you need to create breathtaking brows.

Find Your Perfect Face and Brow Shape

No two faces are exactly alike, which means that there is no “one size fits all” eyebrow shape. We consider that good news—it means that your perfect style is all about you. To find that design, you just have to know the shape of your face:

  • Oval—key characteristics include a forehead that’s wider than your chin, cheekbones that stick out, and a narrow chin. Aim for a soft-angled eyebrow shape to complement your face—the brow works straight up from the inside, then gently curves at the top before coming back down.
  • Long—similar to an oval shape, long faces have protruding cheekbones and narrow chins. The key here is to find an eyebrow design that will help widen your face. Go with a straighter shape with a gentle arch on the end—high arches will only make your face look thinner.
  • Round—a fuller, high-arched eyebrow will serve round faces the best—it helps give your look structure. Your face will appear wider the farther away that sharp arch is from your nose.
  • Square—with a square face, a brow design that softens and elongates your look is your best bet. An angled eyebrow shape, or one with a high and curved arch, will help you accomplish that.

Highlight and Shape With the Right Tools and Makeup

As with most makeup endeavors, having the right tools on hand makes all the difference in eyebrow shaping. Starting with an eyebrow pencil or gel can be a precise way to map out your desired shape before you ever get started tweezing and trimming, as well as a tool to help color in sparser areas.

Makeup can also go a long way in boosting your brows:

  • Powders, creams, and gels will help you create a fuller-looking design. Placing and dragging a matte powder in short, light strokes can fill out your look while a good brow gel or cream will go a long way in adding a natural definition to the overall brow. Gels can also hold brows in place and cover grays!

The Right Color Makes All the Difference

Choosing the right color to fill in your eyebrows can make or break your look. While finding the color that best matches your natural one is ideal, you can also use one that is just a little bit lighter for a perfect blend. This is true even if you have black hair—choose a dark brown color to help fill out and define your brows. Redheads should look for an auburn undertone to create a flattering look.

If you have pale blonde eyebrows, however, you’ll want to highlight them with a color that’s a shade or two darker than your natural hue. This will prevent your brows from looking washed out, or worse—non-existent.

Turn to Feya Cosmetics for the Best Brow Service in the Business

Proper eyebrow shaping takes a lot of time and effort. With our professional eyebrow service, Feya Cosmetics makes everything easy. From grooming to coloring, our experts can help you find the look that will turn heads. Make an appointment with us today—call 847-501-4000 or fill out our contact form online.