Makeup Brushes 101—How to Use Them Like an Expert

When it comes to makeup, practice makes perfect. It’s important to have the right tools at your disposal to be successful, but where do you begin? What makeup brushes do you need? How do you use them, and how do take care of them so they’ll last? The pros at Feya Cosmetics have you covered—in fact, makeup consultations are one of our specialties. Welcome to Makeup Brushes 101.

Start With the Essentials

It’s true—there are many different types of makeup brushes, each with different applications. Our experts pared down the long list into the ones that should be in your regular rotation:

  • The Blush Brush.
    Say that five times fast. The blush brush does a little bit of everything—its dome-shaped bristles can pick up and apply a pop of color for definition, contouring, and shading.
  • The Concealer/Foundation Brush.
    Covering up blemishes such as redness and dark circles is one of the most common makeup applications, making a concealer brush one of the most important tools in your arsenal. The design of these brushes lets you work with extra precision. It also works well against under-eye circles and fine lines and can even apply creams and serums.
  • The Blender Brush.
    Seamlessly blend colors and soften lines with this brush. Find one with a narrow tip that can help you control specific areas. The smoothie blender is especially handy when working around the eyes. Use sponge applicators to help press the makeup into the skin so it stays put all day.
  • The Powder Brush.
    Grab a powder brush to work in powder, set your foundation, and wipe away any excess product without worrying about undoing any of your makeup underneath.
  • The Contour Brush.
    This brush is all about definition. Use it to blend contour powder beneath your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead to highlight and sharpen your beauty.
  • The Highlighter Brush.
    Make yourself glow with a little help from a highlighter brush. One with longer bristles can add a diffused effect to your features while a brush with shorter bristles are better for a bright, opaque highlight. Either way, choose a soft brush so you can pick up powder more easily.

How to Clean Your Brushes

Taking good care of your makeup brushes will ensure that they stay in top condition for as long as possible. Once a week, run your brushes’ bristles under lukewarm water. Put a drop of makeup brush cleanser or soap in one hand and use the other to massage the wet bristles into the cleaner. When you’re done, rinse out the brushes, making sure not to get the base of the brush head near the water—it can weaken the glue that holds the bristles in place and cause them to come loose. Squeeze out the remaining moisture and let the brush dry on a clean, dry towel to keep it in the best shape.

For More Application Tips, Count on Feya Cosmetics

Whether you’re just starting to experiment with makeup or you’re looking for ways to up your beauty game, the experts at Feya Cosmetics are here to help you learn. Our new line of Taklon makeup brushes are a great place to start—their synthetic bristles have anti-bacterial properties that can ward off any bacteria growth. Learn more about these brushes and how to use them by setting up a consultation appointment with us today—call 847-501-4000 or fill out our contact form online.